Key Takeaways from Laban Coblentz

 Based on the best reading of the facts I can make: (1) we will not avoid climate change; (2) therefore we will need even more energy than the highest predictions currently being made; and (3) therefore we should act as rapidly as possible.

The longer we wait, the greater the need. The faster we act, the less our children will suffer from the impacts of climate change and the resultant dip in freewheeling consumption our generation has enjoyed; and the greater our chance to prevent our species from being the engineers of their own extinction.

So act urgently, and with courage.

And lastly: come visit us at ITER. When visits are possible again, come see us. We’re transparent. You’ll see engineers and scientists from all over the world – countries in some cases that are ideological rivals, fighting trade wars, accusing each other of this or that – working hand in hand toward a common goal.

We’re all in this together.

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