SEF Helps Fund Permanent Magnet Project

The Stellar Energy Foundation is pleased to announce its first research grant, supporting a potential breakthrough project, “Permanent Magnets for Stellarators,”(Announcement) being carried out at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) with its sub-contractor SABR, LLC (SABR), and Auburn University (Auburn U.). The project’s aim is to demonstrate the use of permanent magnets in a Stellarator fusion reactor. If successful, it will enable simpler, more robust, and less expensive designs of future fusion reactors.

The project funding includes a grant from the Department of Energy ARPA-E BETHE program, complemented by funds from the Fusion Energy Sciences office of the DOE Office of Science. Our grant to SABR fills a critical funding gap, without which the ARPA-E funding would not have been possible, and enables this project to move forward. This public/private/philanthropic partnership, the first of its kind, provides valuable template for future projects.