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Roadmap to the Fusion Energy Economy

Propelling Fusion to the Grid, Soon Enough to Make a Difference

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Why Fusion Energy

  • Inherently safe scalable unlimited power source
  • Zero-carbon
  • A clean energy solution with potential capacity to supply the world’s needs while fitting into the current electrical grid
  • A critical power complement to other renewable sources

Why Now

  • Recent breakthroughs pave the way for demonstration of technical feasibility in less than 10 years
  • Advances in computation and simulation, artificial intelligence, materials, and manufacturing
  • More than 25 commercial start-up companies plus US National Labs and academia
  • Public, private, and philanthropic funding and partnerships

Roadmap to the Workshop

  • Panelists include leaders in technology, finance, government and philanthropy
  • Public, private, and non-profit sectors
  • Imagine the potential impact of fusion on:
    • Economic development
    • Regional planning
    • Insurance sector
    • Wall Street
    • Investment opportunities

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